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Luxury Comfort

Platinum series

Our most popular premium models designed to give you the ultimate in comfort and contouring but also restorative support. You’ll say “Ahhhhhhhhh” when you lay down! Features quality materials throughout and built to give you years of comfortable wear. Choose from ultra firm, luxury firm or indulge yourself with the step-up models using 100% all-natural latex padding. An extraordinary value!

  • Double-sided reversible construction
  • 713 AC innerspring or 100% all-natural latex
  • Real Web-Lok© coil box spring with super lumbar support

Heavenly series

For those who delight in the very best and prefer a softer feeling, more luxurious, deeply padded sleeping surface. Premium materials throughout and designed to isolate movement.

  • No-flip construction
  • 609 Body Print® innerspring unit or 100% all-natural latex
  • Real Web Lok® coil box spring with super lumbar support

Natural Sleep series

The organic collection. 100% all-natural latex. 100% organic cotton flannel. Breathable, durable and deliciously comfortable!

  • No-flip construction
  • 100% all-natural latex
  • Posture foundation


From design to finish, special care goes into every mattress and box spring that we make. We understand that most consumers don't know much about mattresses or mattress production. We know that we have to give you a reason to trust us with one of the most important purchases in your home... your mattress.


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