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Why Should You Buy A Set?

The comfort and support of a mattress are directly related to what you put the mattress on. It is strongly recommended that when you purchase a new mattress you also purchase the matching box spring, unless you are putting your new mattress on a platform bed. Here are a few reasons why we recommend it.

  1. The importance of a box spring cannot be overstated. How a mattress feels, responds and lasts depends in part to the quality of the box spring. At Worleybeds, we still manufacture “real” coil box springs, a labor-intensive process but one that adds unparalleled value to your set.
  2. In our pricing structure the cost of the mattress represents 75 to 85% of the set amount. So, if you only need the mattress you can choose from any model that we make. There are no models that we make that are “sets only.”. Since everything is fairly priced, you will find that the box springs are just a fraction of the set cost.
  3. Anything manufactured prior to July 1, 2007 may not meet the 16 CFR Part 1633 federal mattress flammability standard. Putting a new mattress on a pre-standard box spring may pose a safety hazard.
  4. Although many box springs do not show the wear and tear that a mattress does, if it is as old as the mattress and the mattress is worn out, in most cases it is also time to replace the box spring.


From design to finish, special care goes into every mattress and box spring that we make. We understand that most consumers don't know much about mattresses or mattress production. We know that we have to give you a reason to trust us with one of the most important purchases in your home... your mattress.


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